Monday, February 22, 2010

Housing Drama

To Do:
1. Create outline for 15-20 page term paper on Tuberculosis
2. Fighter Pilot Visual Interface Project
3. Order bridesmaid dress(es)
4. Memorize new menu at work
5. Very long homework assignment that is due Wednesday
6. Attempt to sue landlord

 These are my tasks for the next two days.  As I blog (rather than doing any of these bulleted points) I  am frantically trying to figure out how to fit it all in.

Who can write 15-20 pages about Tuberculosis?  Maybe a Doctor?  Certainly not I.
This bridesmaid dress thing is getting ridiculous.  I wish David's Bridal was closer to us or that I had 2 hours to call my own.
Thank you, Lucky 32, for restructuring our entire menu by deleting old items, transferring seasonal items to the base menu, and introducing an even more complicated seasonal menu.
Why didn't I start my two part giant homework assignment more than 2 days before it's due?  I swore last time that I'd do better.

The good news is that I have written a rather stirring letter to the landlord asking them to please reconsider letting us move since I found a subleaser and rather than putting them in my apartment they instead rented them a different apartment within our same complex.  Awesome.  Rachel's boss (owner of the rat dogs) thinks that we can get legal aid and press them to reimburse us.  I think we have no legs to stand on and that they are just rude pieces of shit that don't care about anyone.  OR the vagrant nanny sleeping on anyone's couch.

The icing on the cake is that I have a Tegan and Sara song stuck in my head.  And it is based on the sort of discord that is NOT harmonic.

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