Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Pollen

Can we get some showers please?  The entire parking lot, porch, and building as well as my car are totally covered in yellow filth.  Everything that was white is now the color of Mountain Dew.  My allergies are freaking out and today I took my last Zyrtec. 

In other news, I haven't written in a while and although the three people who actually read this already know I thought I would  inform you of the introduction of THIS situation into my life:
This creature is known in the Eastern part of North Carolina as the "Sophia O'Keefe".  Frequently, she presents her self in this way yet has also been spotted looking less badass and more precious in cases such as these:

"Oh!"  You might say, "How adorable is she?"  The answer to that is quite and also stubborn as the day is long.  This baby, who has already won my heart, wants to know every detail of the cognitive processes I use to make decisions for her life.  Examples?  Of course I can...

Sophie: Why are we riding in this car?
Me: Because it's the car I brought.
Sophie: What did you bring daddy's car and not mommy's car?
Me: I just did.
Sophie: But whyyyyyyyyyyy?  I want to ride in MOMMY'S car!!!!!
Me: But we have to ride in this one because it's here.  We must use it to get to Mommy AND her car.
Sophie: Oh...ok. 
*End vocal tremors and welling up of eyes*

And so it goes for 5 hours on Tuesday and 5 hours on Thursday.  There are also really easy conversations in which we just mindlessly discuss where other cars might be going, what sort of flowers are around us, how cutting paper is done with scissors while coloring is done with markers.  Nevertheless, she is an incredible person already and I think I may have finally found someone who takes everything as literally as I do.  Communication barrier with a toddler?  I think not.

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