Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tour de America and First week in Cali!

North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, CALIFORNIA!

The highlights of that paragraph are definitely Jackson Hole (great recommendation from Uncle Bill) and Yellowstone.  Both were incredibly fun and packed with gratifying wildlife.  I almost got to pet a bison but Emily ruined it by driving away.

  In Jackson we ate at a really cool local brewery.  I had a bison burger (in preparation for the park the next day) and Emily had this awesome chipotle bbq pizza with goat cheese, chorizo, and figs.  We also had a pitcher of the heifeweizen that was brewed there and it was fabulous.  Don't worry Rachel, we got a couple pint glasses and they are sweeeeeeeeeeet. 

On arriving in Sunnyvale we went straight to the first apartment complex on our craigslist list, and didn't love it.  The second one that we went to was in a much nicer part of town and is actually attached to the side of an elderly couple's home.  Manfred and Tamara (pronounced Mon-fred and Tomorroa) are very cute and very European.  He is either German or Austrian and she is Russian.  They have a gorgeous back yard which is filled with flowers that Tamara maintains including a giant climbing plant that she illegally smuggled in from Russia a row of tomato plants that E and I hope to benefit from soon.  We are renting the apartment that is attached to their house but has a separate entrance.  It's furnished and fairly nice and we have access to their satellite (hello, DVR) and washing machine.  We're currently hijacking internet from some neighbor.  They check on us most days and Manfred tells us some very silly jokes about Russians in general and Tamara in particular.  We got a great deal on the place and are very happy.  The neighborhood is really nice and great for walking or running. 

I started work on Monday and have slowly accumulated some projects to work on.  I now have an ID badge and am getting a nextel on Monday (Noelle, don't make fun).  Maybe by next week I will be in the computer system so I can actually log my hours and get paid?  It's been a really hard but fun transition because I am in a very different environment than any of my previous jobs.  I really like everyone I work with though and I think it's going to be a great summer.  Everyone has been implying that the internships are a very serious foot in the door with the company, so everyone cross your fingers.

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  1. Bahaha. "Nextaaaale"

    Glad its a paid internship :) Come home for the wedding!